What Our Clients Say

Here's What Our Clients Say

I could hardly walk, this was fixed within a couple of sessions. Having been to a chiropractor before and experienced the benefits, I didn't really have any reservations. My back issues were dealt with efficiently and are hardly ever a problem now.

I was suffering from excruciating pain in my neck and down one arm. After seeing my GP, he diagnosed a trapped nerve in my neck, leading to the problem with my arm. Upon telling me it may take several months to heal, I decided to seek additional help elsewhere. After booking to see Wendy I was immediately put at ease and my concerns listened to, upon examination, she confirmed my GPs diagnosis. Even after the initial session, although not pain free, I felt an immediate improvement. After several sessions, I felt like a new woman! Wendy even used acupuncture to help me heal. I can’t recommend Wendy highly enough and thank her for the relief she brought.

I used to suffer with backache and neck and shoulder ache on a daily basis and was very conscious of my poor posture. I would often get pins and needles in my shoulders - probably caused by sitting at a desk all day. I would also suffer from lower backache every morning after getting up. Prior to coming for treatment, I had properly 'put my back out' a few times. On each occasion I was practically bed-bound for up to 5 days! This has not happened since getting treatment on a regular basis.

Working with you has been great. The first consultation was really good as you spent lots of time making your assessment and talking me through it at the same time which made me feel at ease and ready for the adjustments! The adjustments don't hurt at all - it just feels like a huge sense of tension being released which actually feels really nice. Getting up in the morning without pain is definitely the best thing!

I had a scan and was diagnosed with herniated 4th/5th vertebrae. I was offered back surgery but really didn’t want to go down this route. The treatment I had received was nothing like any Chiro I had experienced. Visiting at regular intervals had enabled me to remain pain free most of the time. When I do experience a problem a few weekly visits soon helps me overcome the pain and discomfort. Wendy has made sure she tackles any pain issues I have been experiencing since my last visit. She sometimes also uses acupuncture if she thinks it will aid my recovery. She has advised me on diet and encouraged me to lose weight and give up smoking without making me feel bad about myself. The best result of working with Wendy is that I haven’t needed surgery and back pain no longer features in my life.

I had been suffering from a very sore neck from being "hunched" over my PC in my office whilst working. This got progressively worse until I had so much pain in my shoulder, neck and head it was affecting my work and I was suffering with pins and needles in my hands. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't bear the thought of someone touching me and hadn't visited a Chiropractor before so wasn't sure what the process would be. Wendy assessed me and could immediately tell what was causing the problems and I undertook sessions which involved adjusting my spine and also acupuncture to help with this process. I am pain-free and am much more aware of how I am sitting when working - also because I know it works and I trust Wendy I can just make an appointment to allow her to assess and treat me accordingly.

My situation before seeing Wendy, was that I was suffering with constant lower back pains which my doctor said I would have to live with and found golf uncomfortable to play. I did have reservations about seeing a Chiropractor because I was not sure if the treatment would be of any use to me following my doctor’s diagnosis. The process of working with Wendy is enjoyable, because not only is she concerned for the problems with my back she also looks at taking into account any other possible health issues and gives advice on other treatments that might assist in helping relive my back pains. I will admit that you also have to help yourself by doing the exercises and taking on her advice. The best result for me is that I no longer have constant lower back pain and I find I can move more freely, but it has not improved my golf!! But at least I can play without pain.

I felt like I was leaning to the right especially when driving which in turn was giving me back and neck pain. Thought it might hurt a lot but it turns out I had very little pain considering I have a very low pain threshold!! The whole process has been really positive from day one, Wendy put me at ease straight away. The best result from working with you has to be my back is much straighter and i feel my posture has improved greatly!

A car accident resulted in me getting severe whiplash, which as I got older led to increasing pain and lack of movement in my neck. My job resulted in long hours sitting in front of a computer which exacerbated the problem. Over the years I had various long Physiotherapy sessions which were not really effective. As I got older the pain became very debilitating and I thought I may have to give up work. I was apprehensive about seeing a Chiropractor, when I plucked up courage to seek one out, I met Wendy she put me at ease, always explained what she was doing and why. After 5 painless sessions I got back almost full movement in my neck and was pain free. As I have a chronic condition, I still put my neck out, but now a single session with Wendy sorts it out and I can get back to work. If you have a chronic long-term neck condition, I strongly recommend a consultation.

I have ongoing issues with my back, arthritis it both knees and other aches and pains associated with getting older. I had been seeing an osteopath, and whilst it was helping, I felt things were not improving. Watkins Chiropractic was recommended to me although I had visited a Chiropractor before, I was apprehensive, not least because this was the first time I had seen a lady! I have been seeing Wendy on a regular basis, she always listens to any issues I may have been experiencing and I have found the benefits of regular treatment mean I no longer end up in a serious situation with back, neck or knee issues. I have always found Wendy very approachable, friendly but also very professional.

Wendy is always cheerful and creates a relaxed, informal atmosphere in the treatment room. I have found my treatments to be thorough and specifically targeted at problem areas. I would not hesitate to recommend Watkins Chiropractic to friends and family.

The service is very informative and professional. I visit the clinic on a regular basis for check-ups as well as exploring little niggles... Treatment is always thorough and effective.

I was recommended Watkins Chiropractic by my doctors’ surgery. The service and treatment I received was second to none! Friendly and swift treatment had me back working in no time at all. I also received professional advice for my treatment and after care. I recommend Watkins Chiropractic and will continue to use their services in the future. A personal thanks from me! Great service!!

A very proactive service is provided. Having spinal problems for the last 25 years or so her treatment has been far superior to the Osteopath i used to see.

I would always recommend Watkins Chiropractic as my experience with them has been nothing less than brilliant. I was diagnosed with a severe trapped nerve and decided to try a Chiropractor after NHS treatment failed. Now I have almost full use of my arm again and am not taking pain killers of any kind. Thank You.

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